About Me

Can't help but spend the majority of my time browsing through other fashionistas' lookbooks/hauls and shopping online. If I'm not on a fashion blog obsessing over a certain fashion item, then I'm most likely going on an adventure with my bike along with my cycling buddies. My love for cycling has taken over within my college years as I've realized there was no way that I could get my lazy ass to walk even half a mile to school. This blog isnt necessarily just about fashion, its about my life.
...Oh! did I mention that I'm a major shoe freak!? Ankle boots are my ultimate addiction and they literally take up 80% of my collection. Brogues and oxfords are classic additions to my wardrobe when I stroll around in the city. Heels and Platforms? well, shame on me because I only own 2 pairs of pump. Either way, they are super classy and I wouldn't mind purchasing a few more if I could just calm down on making impulsive buys on boots. I can go on and on about my shoe fetish, but really, my blog features bits and bobs of randomness created for your eye pleasure