Monday, July 4, 2011



Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Pacsun
Satchel: Asos
Top: Forever 21

My boyfriend and I made a trip to Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills last weekend and le
mme just say that I was surprised that most stores were closed before 6pm. By the time we got there, only restaurants were open which is a bummer because I couldn't really shop around. Anyways, I highly recommend this Cafe if you guys are in the area and they are also located in many areas in Los Angeles. Urth Caffe is known for their Green Latte Espresso and their blended Green Tea boba and the drinks are absolutely delicious.



Went to Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills as well. I didn't really enjoy the crepe as I wanted it to just because it was really cold but my boyfriend seemed to like it though.

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